Wholesale Bed sheets for Hospitals

Wholesale Bed sheets for hospitalsAlthough the majority of our customers at Globaltex Fine Linens are buying linens for their hotels, motels, inns, resorts, or B&Bs, another group of customers that we also value highly is hospitals. Let’s face it, being hospitalized is tough enough for patients. When you become one, you don’t want to have to sleep on cheap, uncomfortable, ill-fitting sheets. That’s why a number of major hospitals trust us to supply the very best in Turkish cotton sheets for their hospital rooms. They truly want their patients to have the best.

Wholesale Prices

Giving patients the best doesn’t have to mean sky-high prices though. We sell our fine linens at wholesale prices to fit all budgets. Hospitals are often on limited budgets and sometimes fine linens aren’t at the top of their list of must-haves. However, hospital administrators around the world know that quality is an important factor. Hospital linens must, of course, be washed in hot water. That means that they need to be extra-sturdy and made of the finest cotton. That doesn’t mean a mixture of some cotton and some polyester or other man-made fibers. It means quite simply 100 percent cotton such as what we use for all of our sheets. Our fitted sheets are also perfect for using with most standard hospital beds, whether they’re manual, semi-electric, or fully electric.

Other Wholesale Products from Globaltex Fine Linens

We also carry a host of other top-quality linens, including:

  1. Towels of all sizes
  2. Bedding
  3. Bathrobes
  4. Pillows
  5. Blankets
  6. Throws
  7. Mattress encasement covers
  8. Duvet covers
  9. Duvet inserts
  10. Pillow inserts

All That Plus a 100% Guarantee!

With the right linens in your hospital rooms, your patients just might feel like they’re actually staying in a fine hotel. Just take a quick look at our online catalog and you’ll undoubtedly find some the optimum choice in bedding for your hospital. In addition, you’ll see that we offer a 100-percent money back, no-questions-asked guarantee on absolutely everything that we sell. That’s extremely important for hospitals where bed sheets can really take a beating. Our sheets are so well-made and offer such a perfect fit that your nurses and orderlies will be able to bounce quarters off of the newly made beds!

Get the Best Today

The best place to begin with the job of choosing wholesale bed sheets for your hospital is to let us help with it. We have some of the finest and most durable linens worldwide. For more info about our wholesale bed sheets, linens, and accessories, contact us here.

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