Luxury Experiences in the Hotel Industry

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How to Create Lasting and Impressive Hotel Experiences

Ever since the online leasing service Airbnb made its debut in 2007, market analysts have been closely watching its expansion and potential impact to the hospitality industry. While this platform has certainly presented competition to some hospitality segments, managers of luxury inns and resorts have not been too worried about the growing influence of this online booking service; after all, the experience provided by upscale and boutique hotels cannot be easily replicated by homeowners renting their furnished homes and apartments to strangers over the weekend.

In February 2018, Airbnb introduced a new set of improvements and upgrades to its booking platform, and one of the new features is Airbnb Plus, a new lodging tier of ostensibly higher-end accommodations for guests who are willing to pay an average of $250 per night, which puts it out of reach for most of the backpacker set. Analysts are now wondering if Airbnb Plus could actually compete against luxury resorts.

The Importance of Luxurious Experiences

It remains to be seen whether luxury hoteliers have to worry about Airbnb Plus taking market share in this sector; after all, guests who stay at upscale lodges tend to have certain expectations. The main reason guests return to luxury hotels is because they were impressed by their overall experience, and this is what Airbnb Plus property owners will have to create if they hope to compete in the luxury hospitality sector.

Providing luxurious experiences for guests is something that goes beyond offering them an expensive place to stay. The hospitality standards of properties that enjoy four and five-star ratings demand hoteliers to provide certain guest experiences, and this usually means allowing guests to enjoy the luxury of snuggling in fine linens.

As a wholesale manufacturer of fine hotel linens, Globaltex believes that the success of Airbnb Plus property owners will greatly depend on the ability of property owners to replicate the luxury experience that guests enjoy at the establishments we proudly serve in South Florida. If you spontaneously ask guests about their experiences at The Biltmore in Coral Gables, The Ritz-Carlton in Coral Gables, The Delano in South Beach, and Oceana in Bal Harbour, their answers will have something in common: fine linen.

Beds at the Center of the Guest Experience

A comfortable and ergonomic mattress, a stylish bed throw, fluffy blankets, and silky sheets are essential elements of a luxurious guest experience. For the Airbnb Plus tier to succeed, property owners should pay close attention to the bedding that guests will embrace; to this effect, if they fail to provide fine linens, guests will be unlikely to leave positive reviews or make future bookings.

At Globaltex, we understand that beds are at the center of the luxury guest experience, and thus we take pride in having some the finest holiday resort properties in the world as clients. Since we are a Miami wholesale manufacturer with a production facility in Turkey, we offer a full range of bedding, towels, lounge chair covers, blankets, throws, and bathrobes. If you are an Airbnb Plus property owner who is serious about competing in the luxury resort sector, you should talk to us about linen.

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